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Fowler Family Camp

Apart from our summer programming for kids, Fowler's last week is Family Camp. And it's for just that: Families!


This means mom, dad and children get to come to camp together. Activities are built around strengths and interests of the families at camp. This camp week starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Cabin sharing among families and friends is encouraged. A limited number of rooms in Chi Rho lodge are available (a fee applies). Consider this very popular week for you and your children: the memories created last a lifetime. 

Fowler Family Camp is a legacy of love.

It's time away from ordinary life, nestled in the Adirondack wilderness with those whom you love the most, your family. You are together without distractions. Crickets, Blue Jays and Butterflies, are your neighbors. Together, hand in hand with family and friends, spend an endless five days under a vast day-blue sky and four magical nights under Adirondack stars.

'Time' is the greatest gift of Family Camp.

'Time' to take your child's hand into your own and walk.
'Time' to 'meet' your child in a wordless exchange of eye contact.
'Time' to be nourished by wholesome and home cooked food.
'Time' to sit with your beloved at the beach and bathe in the orange glow of an Adirondack sunset.
'Time' to play and laugh, childlike, with your child.
'Time' to hug, your child, wife, husband, brother, mother, sister, friend or even a tree.


'Time' to become and remain, your child's 'unsung hero' for as long as possible.

Come to Fowler Family Camp and begin establishing your family legacy of love. Sing in the day with 'Morning Watch' then go for a hike, a paddle or a siesta. Sup in community, create with nature art and toast marshmallows in the fire. Join family and friends and enjoy all.


Welcome to Family Camp Registration

Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 24, 2018

arrive 10:30am on Monday, to be settled by lunch, and depart after lunch on Friday

Registration for Family Camp starts on the 'Family Button' on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Please note NEW requirements to register: 

  1. ONLINE registration is required to register
  2. An active email address is required 
  3. We accept credit cards for payment
  4. ONLINE registration requires $150 (non-refundable) deposit per adult
  5. Final balance due June 24th in the Business Office
  6. Parent Adult and 3 children fee is $425 (other fees may apply)
  7. Lodging requests are first come, first served. 


FAMILY CAMP POLICY: Abridged version (full policy details are described at the start of the registration process):

  1. Lodging options:  cabin (included), Chi Rho Queen room (1 queen, 1 twin) $250 additional, Chi Rho Twin (2 twins, 1 mat) $200 additional.
  2. All registrations are handled on a first come, first served basis.
  3. You may request to share your cabin with another family. Each cabin has 10 beds and one bathroom. Each family should request the other on there registration form.
  4. Medical forms for children accompanying their parents are not required for Family Camp.
  5. Family Camp fee per adult includes 3 immediate family children. 2 parents and 6 of their combined children are included in this fee. 'Children' are defined as infant through 17 years. 18 years old and older are considered 'Adults' and subject to the 'Adult' fee of $425.
  6. NON-family member children may attend under the following restrictions: approval from the director, a paper registration completed by a parent, an immunization list and a medical authorization form completed. All must be delivered to the camp nurse at the time of check-in. This non-family member must be 1 of the 3 children allowed a Family Camp Parent and a non-family member fee applies of $325.
  7. All persons on the Fowler grounds during Family Camp must be registered guests. Camp Fowler does not allow any non-registered overnight guests.
  8. Day visitor passes are available on a limited basis and require Camp Director approval. Please inquire at 518-631-6789 to request a day pass. A fee for approved Day Visitor Passes apply: $50.
  9. When registering please be sure to review all policies. Updates and changes apply.


Time to Register! Click the link "FAMILY CAMP REGISTRATION" on the right!